2015 Poetry Competition Winning Poems (Local Section)

Here are the winning poems (first three places) in the Local Section.

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The Genesis of ISIS by David Childs

And Adam in the darkness felt
The murderer move in the belly of his wife,
And in that cold cave to the east of Eden wept,
As the winds keen edge flensed Adam like a knife,
And from beneath his bloody pelt, he crept
While Eve slept, cradling the budding life,

And saw, as grey dawn wiped nights dark grime away,
A fertile plain where creatures like to him
Strove and slew the whole day through.
And though he raised his suppliant hands to pray
Why his seeds harvest should seem so grim,
While praying all the while sad Adam knew,
No voice from heaven would offer to explain
A million Abels murdered by the hand of Cain.

And Adam wept.



Did We really Open the Windows in the Summertime?
by Mona Tyler

Did we really open the windows in the Summertime,
And beg for the sweeter air to enter then,
While claustrophobically our house embraced us
And held us still, we the clutch and it the hen.

Did we really gasp to be outside the door
And take the endless tasks that beckoned there,
While previously another night had trapped us
And held us close, we the restless, it the lair.

Did we really wedge the door to fan the house
And bathe within the draught of liquid cool,
While unceasingly each golden moment raced us
And held us fast, we the bobbing float, it the pool.

Did we wistful, think of Winters days,
And dream of armchair softness, work all done,
While possessively the evening warmth procured us,
And held us firm, we the endless rhythm, it the drum.

For now that snow decides to follow snow,
And all is devilish smooth beneath our feet:
And garden, path and field are like as one,
And empty sits the garden seat:
Its for the busy, active days of Summer that I pine.

Did we really open the windows in the Summertime.



I wish Id told My Father by Rachel Whorton

I wish Id told my father
That who I am today
Is because of all his kindness
And the funny things hed say.

I wish Id known my father
Before he became my dad
And talked about the hopes and dreams
He harboured as a lad.

I which Id seen my father
When he was fit and strong
The images in photographs
Just dont seem to belong.

I wish Id asked my father
About the future and the past
I thought we had a lifetime
But the years went by so fast.

I wish Id held my father
Like hed hold me safe and tight
And shown him he was safe and loved
That things would be alright.

I wish Id told my father
All these thoughts inside my head
I hope he knew inside his heart
The things I never said