Festival 2017 - Literary Competition Results

The writing competition for the Mere Literary Festival alternates each year between a poetry competition and a 'timed flash fiction' short story competition. The 2017 competition took the form of a 'poetry' competition.

The competition rules requested a poem on any topic of no more than 40 lines. In total 243 entries were received for the adult (Open) competition.

The competition results (shown right) were announced at the Festival Award Ceremony on Sunday 15th October. Congratulations to winners and certificate awardees and thank you to all who entered the MLF competition and thus supported the MDLS charity.

OPEN SECTION - Judge: Dawn Gorman


Click on the prize winning titles to read the poem

Runners Up:

  • Jem Hobbs, Stonemason - Marilyn Francis, Radstock, Somerset
  • A Single Bead - Judith Drazin, Bristol
  • First Britons - Paul Jeffcutt, Banbridge, Co. Down

Adjudicator’s Prize awarded to – Jocelyn Simms, Philip Burton, Paul Jeffcutt

LOCAL SECTION - Judge: Jenny Wilding

  • 1st. The Hug - Peter Wright, Gillingham, Dorset
  • 2nd. A Tale of Two Chairs - R.W.Breach, East Melbury, Dorset
  • 3rd. The Shell - Joanna Durham Matthews, Wincanton, Somerset

Certificates of Distinction

  • James Nash, Hinton St.George, Som
  • Judith Drazin, Bristol.
  • Marilyn Francis, Radstock, Som (2)
  • Phiilip Burton, Bacup, Lancs
  • R.W.Breach, E.Melbury, Dorset
  • Gill McEvoy, Chester
  • Peter Wyton, Longlevens, Glos (2)
  • Peter Wright,Gillingham, Dorset
  • Jocelyn Simms, France (2)
  • Roger Elkin, Biddulph Moor
  • Isobel Trilling, Skipton, Yorks (2)
  • Michelle Diaz, Glastonbury, Som
  • Gill Garrett, Cheltenham, Glos (2)
  • Peter O’Grady, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts (2)
  • Paul Jeffcutt, Banbridge, Co.Down (2)
  • Diane Jackman, Diss, Norfolk
  • Camilla Nelson, Mere, Wilts

Certificates of Merit

  • James Eyres, Wareham, Dorset
  • Sarah Askew, Melksham, Wilts
  • David Gilks, Corsham, Wilts
  • John Gallas, Markfield, Leics
  • Gill McEvoy, Chester
  • Peter Gillott, Mere, Wilts

POETRY in the GROVE - Judged by Audience Vote

  • 1st. Grandpa - Camilla Nelson, Mere, Wilts
  • 2nd. Old Hall Marshes - James Nash, Hinton St. George, Som
  • 3rd= Chapel of Rest - Michelle Diaz, Glastonbury
  • 3rd= A Tale of Two Chairs - R.W.Breach, E.Melbury, Dorset

JUNIOR AWARDS (12 Years & Under) - Judge: Angela Mc Donald


  • 1st. The River - Rory Wilson, Mere First School
  • 2nd. Stourhead Poem - Charlie Barton, Mere First School
  • 3rd. Dogs - Elsie Bowen, St.George’s, Bourton, Dorset

Certificates of Distinction

  • This is what Heaven means - Harriet Lauder, St.George’s Bourton
  • This is what Heaven means - Elizabeth Love, St.George’s Bourton
  • I Like - Peggy Wiseman, Whitesheet Academy
  • Life - Oliver Puffett, Mere First School
  • Stourhead Poem - Hailie Keay, Mere First School
  • Stourhead Poem - Alice Barton, Mere First School
  • There’s Nothing about Me - Amelie Clowry, Shaftesbury Primary
  • Dreams of a Stone Age - Bethany Rudge, Lancashiret

Certificates of Merit

  • I Like - Lila Gundstone, Whitesheet Academy, Zeals
  • This is what Heaven means - Grace Shave, St.George’s Bourton
  • The River - Katie Sams, Mere First School
  • The River - Jack Manning, Mere First School
  • The River - Lola –Blue Barry, Mere First School

Grace Wines Memorial Prize: Ben Cassidy, Mere School